Monday, 6 February 2012

Whats in my makeup bag?

Hey Guys!!!

I didn't really know what to blog about as i'm at my parents house for a few days and don't have alot of stuff with me. Then I thought, why not do a whats in my makeup bag so you guys can see the kinda things I bring with me if i'm travelling. I'll briefly talk about each item, but if anyone has any questions about any of the products listed, feel free to ask and maybe i'll do an indepth review on it :)

So this is my makeup bag, it was £3.50 from Primark and I adore it cos I can fit sooooo much stuff in it. These are the things I threw in my makeup bag before leaving my house, I like to have a selection of things as I never know what kind of look I want to go for.

First up....Foundations

Estee Lauder double wear foundation is a full coverage foundation that I love to wear on a night out or when I feel I need a little extra coverage.  It lasts all day and has spf 10 which is an added bonus!! Mine is in the shade SHELL BEIGE 05.
MAC Studio sculpt foundation is probably my favourite foundation, I wear it everyday as it gives me fantastic coverage and works with my yellow undertones. This foundation has an spf of 15, I LOVE IT. Mine is in the shade Nc42


Vivo face primer from tesco! Its great if your looking for a cheap primer, comes out clear and is so silky soft on the skin. Helps my foundation go on smoothly and prevents creasing under my eyes.
Next is Urban decays eyeshadow primer potion this is a neccessity for me when doing strong eyeshadow looks, makes the colour waay more intense and ensures it lasts all night!
Next is painterly paint pot from MAC, I use this when I want a nude matte eyeshadow look.


So these are the eyeshadow's I selected to bring, first is a YSL duo eyeshadow in number 1. This is great for a dramatic shimmer look, it has a shimmery pale cream and a shimmery dark brown, both with shimmery silver undertones. I then have a quad containing three MAC shadows, top left is NAKED LUNCH, a great highlighting colour, top right is CONTRAST, a dark bluey purple and bottom left is PATINA, a goldy mauve. This quad can be used for both dramatic and everyday looks.

The single eyeshadows are all matte finishes, the cream one is by NYX and is called NUDE, the black is by MUA in SHADE 20, and the cool toned brown is by BOBBY BROWN and is in the colour WOODROSE. I love all of these shadows as they all have great pay off and lasting power.

Mascaras and Eyeliners....

At the minute im using Scandaleyes mascara by RIMMEL, it has a big juicy wand and makes my lashes super thick and black...I love it and highly recommend it! Also pictured is SLEEK'S Kajal eyeliner in NOCTURNAL, its super black and creamy and is excellent for smudging under the eye for a smoky look.  I also have LANCOMES khol eyeliner in NOIR, as it has a smaller tip and can be used to create smaller, defined lines.  I'm using LOREAL'S SUPERLINER in CARBON GLOSS as my liquid liner, it has a super flexible tip and is sooo easy to use, it gives me a perfect cat eye effect! Also pictured here is DUO eyelash glue in DARK TONE.

Blushes, Bronzers and highlighters....

Ok, so both products pictured above are from SLEEK, the one on the left is the FACE CONTOUR KIT in MEDIUM. This has a great matte contour colour as well as a shimmery gold highlight that looks very subtle on the skin! On the right is a bright pink blush in FLAMINGO, love love this blush for a fresh girly look!

Top left is MAC's mineralised bronzer/blush in THE SOFT MEOW (mentioned in my last post)
I absolutely love highlights and the next two are a couple of my favourites...Top is SUNBEAM from TOPSHOP and has a very strong payoff so a light hand is a must!! Lastly I have a shimmering facial whip from ELF in GOLDEN PEACH, again this gives an amazing glowy finish but must be worked on pretty fast otherwise it can be pretty hard to blend.

Lipsticks and Liners....

So I like to carry a nude natural colour with me and a bright one for when i'm feeling abit more wild, hehe. The lipstick pictured top left is by MAC and is in the colour FAUX, it is a satin finish and I pair it with my NYX lipliner in MAUVE. I also brought MAC's RUBY WOO, a matte red with me which I pair with my NYX lipliner in PLUSH RED.

Lastly, Eyebrows and Concealer...

So I used to use BENEFITS BROWZINGS for my eyebrows but lately I've been using NATURAL COLLECTION's duo eyeshadow in MOCHA/LATTE which I apply with a bit of MAC's fix plus and an angled brush! I then set it with NATURAL COLLECTION's clear mascara. Last thing in my makeup bag is COLLECTION 2000's LASTING PERFECTION concealor in NUMBER 3! Absolute must have concealer for the price and quality!!

so guys, thats what was in my makeup bag, please let me know if you have any questions about the products shown or have any requests!

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