Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Re-kindled LOVE: MAC Lipstick in Faux!!

Hey guys!!

So last week I was going through my lipsticks and I found FAUX by MAC!! Now i've had this for a long time, but haven't worn it in ages. After applying it on Wednesday I have worn it every single day since!  It's always a good idea to regularly go through your makeup collection, cos if your anything like me you forget you have certain products and neglect them a little bit. I love it so much I thought i'd do a quick blog post on it...

Faux is a Satin finish so isn't matte but isn't super glossy either, its somewhere inbetween. The colour is a little hard to explain but here goes.... so to me it is a cool toned medium pink and goes with everything!!  It can be used with a dark, sultry smokey eye for the evening or just mascara in the day for a very natural look!

Today I paired it with a megashine lipgloss from NYX in the colour beige, this is what it looked like.......

Thanks for reading!

What are your favourite nude lipsticks??

x x x x x

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