Thursday, 16 February 2012

TAG: How much does your face cost....

I saw this tag on my friend Nat's blog and I thought i'd give it a go, yeeeeeey! So below are the makeup products I use on my face EVERY single freaking day without fail ,excluding makeup brushes.  I love eyeshadows but I wouldn't typically reach for them everyday, so i've missed them out! :)
1) VIVO Primer £6
2) MAC Studio Sculp foundation in NC42 £23
3) COLLECTION 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
4) BARE MINERALS Mineral Veil Powder in Tinted £20
5) NATURAL COLLECTION duo in Mocha/Latte for brows £1.99
6) NATURAL COLLECTION Clear Mascara for brows £1.99
7) LOREAL Carbon Gloss Super Liner £6.49
8) RIMMEL Scandaleyes Mascara £6.99
9) My blush always changes, but lately i've been reaching for SLEEK's Flamingo £4.30
10) I always seem to switch my highlighter up aswel, but today I used REVLON's All over glow in Polar Pink £1.99
11) MAC's Angel Lipstick £13.50
12) ELF Glossy Gloss in Sweet Salmon £3.50

Below are the products numbered in the order I listed them.

My face costs a total of ....... £93.94
At first I was shocked, but then I realised all of these things literally last me months so I think its worth it! :)

TAG TAG TAG, I TAG everyone! I love having a nose at what other people use!!!



  1. nice tag :)
    lovely products. i'm obsessed with this concealer. it's just perfect :D


  2. Thanks babe! U should do the tag next! Love the blog, I'm gonna follow you <3 xxx

  3. nice tag!:) i use that for my brows too!
    lovely post and blog!